The River Trail

3.9 km
1h 30'
Circular route
Interconnection with routes 2, 2Α, 3, 3Α
Start/End point: Casale Panayiotis Hotel reception, at the centre of Kalopanayiotis village

The River Trail

An easy circular route for everyone, including families with young children. It is 3.9km long, but smaller sections of just 1.7 km or 2.6 km can be walked independently.

Follow the main cobblestone road to the south, passing the new bridge to your left and climb the asphalt road for 400m until you reach a hair-pin bend in the road. Here you will see a sign marking the beginning of the trail. Follow the path next to the old irrigation trench among old orchards until you reach the old, abandoned Kykkos Watermill. After exploring the mill, cross the bridge to the other side of the river Setrachos and walk along the narrow trail in the shade of the forest. Just before you reach St John Lampadistis monastery, it is worth making a small detour to the left, towards the river, to visit the Venetian bridge and the natural sulphur springs. You can then visit the Byzantine St John Lampadistis Monastery, a UNESCO heritage site, with its stunning frescoes. If you would like to finish your hike at this point, cross the new bridge over the river Setrachos and return to Kalopanayiotis.

To continue, follow the dirt road north from the parking lot of the monastery, passing the café on your right hand side, and head down towards the river. Cross to the other side of the river bank (west) and follow the beautiful path until you reach the old Hajihambou watermill and the Faranga bridge. Here again you have the option to return to the village, following the path which ascends left of the bridge toward the Faranga spring, and from there follow the road south to return to the centre of the village.

To continue on, cross the Faranga bridge to the east bank of the Setrachos, and follow the path which runs parallel to the stream, amongst old orchards. You will come to a signed crossroads on your left, and 100m further on, the path leads to the river, where there is a small waterfall. Follow the signs and ascend to the village of Oikos, and from there you will descend once again to the river. Cross to the opposite bank over the Venetian bridge, passing the water-filling station, and continue up the trail, past the old Savva watermill and neglected orchards and finally ascending to the houses of the northern neighbourhood of Kalopanayiotis, from where, following the lower road, you can return to the centre of the village.